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My Role in the BBC Christmas Adventure: Lapland

Winter flash back, to when I found myself stepping into the enchanting world of Christmas on a rather unexpected stage - the set of the BBC drama "Lapland." While my role was modest, the experience was anything but. Starring alongside the likes of Sue Johnston and a cast of accomplished actors, the production brought to life a festive tale of family, misunderstandings, and reconciliation.

Under the skilful direction of Catherine Morshead and the penmanship of Michael Wynne, "Lapland" unfolded as a heartwarming narrative, capturing the magic of the holiday season. As recently widowed Eileen Lewis, played by Sue Johnston, along with her family embarked on a Christmas adventure in Lapland, the script weaved through laughter, drama, and the unpredictability of family dynamics.

The cast, carefully curated by Michelle Smith, featured a lineup of talented actors that elevated the drama's charm. Against the backdrop of a mock-up aircraft, a set that had its own share of fame in a James Bond film, my small role took on a significance that surpassed its scale. It was a unique opportunity to be a part of something larger, to witness the collaborative effort that goes into crafting a memorable piece of television.

As the cameras rolled, capturing the festive chaos and heartwarming moments, each day on set became a new adventure. From sharing a car to set with Sue Johnston, who generously shared glimpses of her personal life, to the unexpected thrill of a last-minute table read where I stepped in for one of the lead characters, every moment added layers to the overall experience.

This is the story of my journey into the magical realm of "Lapland," a Christmas adventure that transcended the screen. It was a chance to contribute to the festive spirit, embrace the challenges of the industry, and forge connections in unexpected places. In the end, the memories created behind the scenes became as integral to the narrative as the script itself.

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