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Revisiting Casualty: Unveiling 'Deadfall' & Embracing TV Drama

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Being a part of the special Casualty episode "Deadfall" was a true highlight for me. To work for the BBC again, stepping into the shoes of PC Parker was so much fun. It's incredible how a show like Casualty can continue to offer exciting opportunities for actors even after being a part of it before.

Working with a talented ensemble cast, including the likes of Lee Mead, with whom I share a bit of history in musical theatre, particularly our roles as Fiyero in Wicked, was a wonderful. Lee's playful spirit added a light-hearted touch, like when he would serenade me with "Dancing Through Life" between takes—a memory that always brings a smile.

In comparing the nuances of working on stage versus on camera, I found the intimacy and subtlety that the camera allows truly fascinating. Expressing emotions and subtleties in a more nuanced manner is a beautiful aspect of on-camera work that brings a different dimension to the performance.

The episode revolves around a mysterious death, drawing in characters like Lily (Crystal Yu), Ethan (George Rainsford), and Valentine (Gary Lucy). I must say, the performances of the entire cast, including Derek Thompson as Charlie, were top-notch, adding so much depth to the suspenseful storyline.

It's worth noting that Derek Barnes, the casting director for BBC and Casualty, played a crucial role in this journey. This marked the second time Derek has cast me, having previously worked on an episode of Casualty three years prior. It's interesting how the show allows for actors to return in different roles after a few years, presenting fresh challenges and opportunities.

"Deadfall" was a memorable collaboration, and with the exceptional cast and compelling storyline, it became an episode that I take immense pride in. Looking forward, I can't wait to see what exciting ventures lie ahead in the world of Casualty.

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